What "diet" do you follow?

Ugh, I have tried every one. Here is my secret - there is no one size fits all. I've had different needs based on what my activity level, stress level, and time margin are at any given time. The eating habits that stay consistent for me (this changes slightly when I am pregnant or breastfeeding) is first drinking lots of water instead of drinking my calories, next, tapering carbohydrates throughout the day, then and eating real, whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible. Lastly, I eat very little sugar including limiting my fruit to one or less serving a day. I eat healthy proteins, carbs, and fats each day with a focus on fiber rich foods and supplements! 

what type of execise do you do?

I have been a lifetime athlete. It all started with a love for basketball and volleyball. After highschool I started weight lifting and running several half marathons, one full marathon. (Which I can almost guarantee will be my last! Long distance running is not for me.) I've discovered that my body responds best with weight training and short bursts of intense cardio including HIIT Training and kickboxing.

are you a personal trainer?

I am a part time fitness instructors at Farrell's Extreme Body Shaping. We have workouts 6 days a week consisting of kickboxing and strength training using resistance bands. I am a strength instructor and have never been stronger or had more muscle definition using resistance bands!


how did you beat your eating disorder?

I struggled with disordered eating for 10 years. Mine began after I felt the need to "prove" myself and not feeling supported in my passion as a young girl. I would binge/not eat, over exercise and spit out any unhealthy foods. It was messed up to say the least and I suffered lots of guilt and shame. I was set free by prayer ministry and practical wisdom of learning how to properly nourish my body and proper exercise recovery. Today I am totally free from the addicting behaiviors and always aim to prioritze my time in the Word and in His presence to keep aligned with the things in life that really matter!

as seen on and fmg projects?

I am a blog contributor to Farrell's Extreme Body Shaping. There is a FMG book almost in publisher's hands. Meanwhile my goal is to provide lots of free content making it easier for mom's to lives stronger and longer. While also connecting you to other health experts and strong moms. Stay tuned!

how can i collaborate with you?

HEY YOU! You have something beautiful to share with the world! My biggest desire is to foster a real Fitsterhood where others can be thier best self and shine. If you are a Fitster, company or a brand with a likeminded message, please reach out on my content page to get the conversation started. Can't wait to hear from you.