Laps Around our Kitchen Table

christmas brunch.jpg

It was Christmas break and we were hosting a cozy brunch with family in town.

I put my shiny new waffle maker to use and whipped up some delicious paleo waffles topped with blueberries, real maple syrup and almond butter. The coffee was flowing, eggs were hot and the crisp winter light was streaming into through our large kitchen windows.

The smallest guest that morning, and most rambunctious happened to be our own...

Haven, our dancing, singing, and joy filled squealing almost two year old, . She was in rare form this particular morning since her favorite people on the planet surrounded one table at the same time.

Both sets of doting grandmas, one silly grandpa, one encouraging auntie, and both of her parents. You could have sliced the love in the room with a butter knife it was so thick. The love we all share towards one another multiplied with the love that each of us has for this three foot package of spunk and delight is quite a feeling to behold.

kitchen table

Meal time with Haven looks more like a 10 course dinner and a show than any relaxed brunch. Anyone else with us here? It's one bite here followed by a very important stroller walk with her baby around the living room. Another bite followed by a quick ride on her rocking horse and a (short) skim through a children's book. You get the picture. On this particular morning, instead of the usual play intermissions she spent her time in between bites making laps around our kitchen table throwing her hands up towards anyone that would share a bite of their waffle while simultaneously allowing a quick snuggle, "nuky" and "blankie".

I savored my coffee more than usual this morning since my Little Tornado was being assisted by more patient hands than normal. As I watched her journey from one lap to another. Up and down, up and down. I felt my heart unexpectedly longing to be "chosen" by my daughter. Keep in mind I'm home with her everyday. I have plenty of time to play and sneak snuggles here and there. Something felt different on this morning. My heart eager for her affection in the midst of so many other wonderful distractions.

Her favorite people in the world in one place at one time. Whoever's lap selected received the highest honor of being recognized in the midst of so many other wonderful "distractions".  In case you're wondering, she did not come to me. Grandpa is way too much fun, and shares way better morsels than Mom ever would.

It was the whisper I heard from my heavenly father in that instant that transcended a momentary feeling.

"Brooke, this is the same feeling I have when my children choose to sit in my lap when other delights too many to number are beckoning for their attention."

A deep warmth surged through my heart as this revelation began to sink into my soul.

Here I am, waiting like a little child to be "picked up" by my Heavenly Father, when the whole time He earnestly awaits for me to simply throw my hands up and embrace Him first.

He sits at the head of a lavish table as a loving Father providing for his kids. Admiring each child at the table He looks on as one by one, each steps away to play with shiny toys or continue an activity begun before their meal. This doesn't make Him angry, children are meant to create, play and discover. No parent can deny our kids affection when they momentarily forsake a favored distraction to cast their unwavering attention towards us and linger if only for a moment. 

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him." 1 John 3:1

Too many times we envision a cold God who keeps track of our good behaviors and when we reach a certain "good" threshold then He will reluctantly portion out a crumb of love on us.

When in fact, we as His prized possession actually have the remarkable ability to momentously move the heart of God. Just like a mother of father's heart aches to be embraced by their children, so our Heavenly Father yearns to be embraced by us. Not that He is a desperate dad in need of our affirmation, but because He simply delights in His kids and desires to really know each one.

What are you waiting for? Your Heavenly Father delights in you more than you could possible imagine. He not only sets a marvelous table for you to enjoy, he longs for you to come sit in His lap for a bit. It doesn't matter if all you do is lay your head on His chest, and feel His heart beat or whether you share a conversation together. His arms are open and He patiently awaits your undivided attention among an endless tide of distraction.

May we choose often to climb up on His lap while we make laps around our table of life.

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