3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Reach Your Fitness Goals


I hosted a free food & fitness challenge online for seven weeks.

The problem is that failed miserable. Yes, I failed at my own challenge. Here are three lessons I learned from my experience. I'm sharing them with you so you don't have to make the same mistakes. facepalm





18% body fat




19% body fat

Down 2lbs, up 1%BF. Translation - I lost a sliver of muscle mass. You can tell from the pictures, it's about the same although I have noticed more muscle definition (thanks burpees and push-ups!)


1.) Accountability isn't enough to reach your goal.

Taking this 7 week journey with a private facebook group of over 40 women was awesome. I cannot tell you how many times I didn't pick up that extra serving, or turned down popcorn during movie night because I had a crew keeping me accountable!

Although this is KEY to any successful fitness endeavors, my "why" wasn't persuasive enough to me personally - eating well then turned into people pleasing and not for the sake of MY HEALTH!

Make sure that along with having good accountability during reaching your fitness and health goals you also have a good enough reason to complete your original goals that personally motivate Y O U.


2.) Don't ignore the numbers! They don't lie.

Ladies, I failed on my goal to "gain muscle"! If I would have tracked and measured each one of my meals for the entire 7 weeks, I would've hit my goal. 

There was a a few weekends I had the opportunity to travel - so I did. Although I did not eat "off limit" foods, I wasn't able or willing to measure all of my food at these social events. The 7 week challenge was honestly very close to how I eat normally. No sugar, real, whole foods, and not alcohol or processed foods. My goal was more to dial in the TIMING and AMOUNT of food I was eating to manipulate muscle growth, which is an advanced method to body composition shaping.

Whatever your fitness goal is, you must be willing to face the music, which in this case is numbers. It's ok to back track a bit, it's the normal cycle of life. Taking before and after pictures, weight, and measurements will give you the scoop really quick and allow others to help you dial in where you need to make changes.

Whatever your fitness goal is, you must be willing to face the music, which in this case is numbers.

Well, I didn't do it! Which leads me to my third lesson...


3.) Contentment doesn't create change. (It's Not always bad!)

I think short periods of time to jumpstart our health and implement healthy habits is a great practice. Especially in the context of community.

I realized about half way through my 7 weeks, that I didn't want to lose any more weight. I can see my biceps. I have some serious strength in my legs. I can do a silly amount of push-ups from my toes in a row. I can kick a bag like a pro. I can carry my two year old daughter up and down the stairs along with making one trip with the bags of groceries into the kitchen. A magazine cover is not my personal fitness goal, a long healthy life is.

A magazine cover is not my personal fitness goal, a long healthy life is.

I. Am. Content. I like my body just the way it is, and I've worked hard to get here. Our culture always wants to push us off the cliff of impossible standards. Sure, I could lose 10-15 more pounds and still be at a healthy weight. I AM NOT WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE TO GET THERE!

Gosh, what a relief to get to this point of appreciating the strength my body is capable of and eating real nourishing foods while occasionally enjoying a glass of wine.


let my mistakes spare you a few of your own...


So there you have it. Even fearless leaders miss the mark sometimes. I hope that my failure inspired you to first be honest with yourself, and second to implement a few healthy changes that will last beyond any fitness challenge.

Tell me about a time you either hit or missed your fitness goals. How did you respond?

Regardless, welcome to the Fitsterhood - a place where you belong no matter where you are in your health journey. A place where we can tell the truth even if it hurts knowing we're here to pull each other back up and keep going.