7 Best Strength Exercises for Women Feat. Nourish Move Love

Imagine yourself at the gym, nearing the weight rack all by yourself. Do you have a strength training plan in your back pocket or are you as clueless as a college kid in the diaper isle at Target?

Most women I have met feel more like the latter. They know strength training is important but have no idea what to do or how to get started.

Meet Lindsey B. of Nourish Move Love a fitness blog full of amazing workout videos! As a group fitness instructor Lindsey also has expertise as to which strength moves are best for woman specifically to maximize the little time we have and results too.

For the full list and free workout incorporating each move visit her website. Enjoy this short video to get your wheels turning and excited about seeing less of the treadmill and more of those free weights!

First of all how amazing is it that she filmed this when she was pregnant with her first son? Second, what is your favorite move?

Train in Your Lane,


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