DIY Coconut Kefir

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Ke - what??

Kefir. Wondering what this strange substance is? Think of a yogurt that has a bit more of a kick with 10-30 times the beneficial bacteria than normal. Coconut kefir is a great alternative to dairy kefir which is beginning to become quite popular in supermarkets and health food stores. Be wary of purchasing store bought kefir with lots of added sugars!

5 Health Benefits of Coconut Kefir "Yogurt"


1. Boost immunity

Imagine "cold season" was non existent. Kefir helps to build up healthy the immune system to fight off harmful bacteria overgrowth. 

2. Natural laxitive

Coconut kefit has probiotis and lauric acid which helps with digestive issues like constipation, dierrea, viruses, and more.

3. Allergy Remedy

Kefir natirally supresses immune system reactions to allergies and systematic otbreak points for allergies. For an added allergy prevention boost ad a teaspoon to tablespoon of local raw honey to your daily kefir. Not only is it delicious, the local raw honey helps to build up immunity against specific local allergens.

4. Dairy Free

For those of us who prefer to steer clear of dairy, coconut kefit is lactose free making it a safe alternatice with all the benefits.

5. Pump up the Potassium

A serving of coconut kefir has just as much potassium than four bananas!

How can you eat coconut kefir?

Coconut milk kefir has a consistency more like yogurt. A small bowl with raw honey, blueberries, cinnamon or even sliced bananas. If i'm in a hurry I'll add a scoop to my daily smoothie. For kids, a scoop can be mixed into cereal or oatmeal. My two year old will eat this stuff straight up!


Coconut Milk "Yogurt" Recipe



  • A glass jar or two
  • Metal Sieve
  • One of the following: Cheesecloth or muslin linen


1.    Place room temperature coconut milk into a glass jar. Make sure to mix well with a metal spoon if an separation has occurred.  Add kefir grains.  Cover with paper towel, jar lid or cheesecloth secured with the ring of a mason jar lid or band. Keep in mind if you use the lid to cover you will need to let the gas out every several hours from the fermentation that takes place.

2.    Let the kefir grains do their thing for 24-48 hours (tasting periodically to see if the culture has reached your desired sourness). It will start to smell tart, but not rancid. Trust your nose!

3.    Strain the kefir culture through a metal strainer.  Place the strained kefir grains into fresh milk to start the next culture. Pour the strained coconut milk into a mason jar and store in the fridge for 2-3 weeks and in the freezer for 1-2 months.

Mason jar with read to eat kefir by the spoonful, and kefir grains.

Mason jar with read to eat kefir by the spoonful, and kefir grains.


Unless you want a thicker more traditional yogurt... 

I skip the following steps since I am okay with a tad bit more runny consistency that comes from straining once. I find the full fat coconut still sets up and gets creamy REFRIGERATED on its own.

But if your a stickler for texture continue onto steps 4-7! Hey - No judgement here. :)

4.    Line a metal sieve colander with your cheesecloth or muslin linen. Place sieve over a medium-sized bowl to catch the whey.

5.    Pour strained kefir culture into the lined sieve and place the entire bowl and sieve into the refrigerator.  After 1 hour, check the liquid in the bottom of the bowl and make sure that it is mostly clear (it will have a little opaque white swirling around in it, but it should look like the liquid whey from the top of a yogurt container).  If it isn’t clear, dump it back into the cheese cloth and add another few layers of cheese cloth or even a coffee filter to strain out the whey.

6.    Check how thick your yogurt is after about 4 hours.  It will take anywhere between 4-24 hours to strain enough whey to have thick, creamy yogurt consistency (you could continue straining to make a fresh kefir cheese, although if you are going to attempt this, it’s better to strain at room temperature).  Once the desired consistency is reached, scrape the yogurt into a bowl or container for storage and discard the whey (or better yet, use it!).  The yield for extra straining is about 1 cup of yogurt for 1 can of coconut milk.

7.    Enjoy the yogurt plain or flavor with local raw honey, vanilla or berries.  To make a vanilla yogurt, add 1 Tbsp honey and 1 tsp alcohol-free vanilla extract. Stir to incorporate and enjoy!

What's your favorite kefir yogurt topping? Comment below!


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