5 Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day Besides Brunch

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Let me start by saying nothing compares to a delicious brunch savored in good company.

Let me also remind you that you are a mom. If you are a young mother with littles you need to own up to the fact that enjoying your fave green juice serving brunch spot with the fam is more stressful than restful.


I'm in the same boat. 

Our time will come when our mid-twenty-something children will love nothing more than to shower us with mimosa's, flowers and brunch every Mother's Day reminiscing about what amazing moms we are.

Until then - I suggest we figure out something else we can do to celebrate because 1. we birthed new human life(s) into the world with our own bodies 2. we've kept them alive 3. feeling beautiful, and 3. relaxing for just like 15 minutes.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

(Besides Brunch)


1.) Get your nails done.

There is nothing better than someone else working on your tired feet! Treat your mom or another mom friend and schedule your Mother's Day pedicure. Pick up your favorite Starbucks drink on your way and literally soak up every second.


2.) Plan a staycation.

Let's be real. Every mother's dream is a spotless house, meals that prepare themselves, and dishes that disappear back washed into the cupboard afterward. In your dreams. So instead of getting your hopes up - plan a fun staycation at a near by Airbnb or hotel. Yes, there will be packing and planning. Since it's Mother's Day - you get to pick where you stay, and although a mess will always follow you don't have to stress about picking it all up. Kick off your shoes and enjoy family time away exploring the beauty of your own city. (And leaving the mess behind.)

food storage

3.) Upgrade your food storage containers.

You know that drawer or cupboard I'm talking about. It's the one almost as pathetic as your junk drawer. Plastic and glass food storage containers strewn about like aftermath of a T. Swift concert. Nothing matches, the plastic is stained, and you cringe every time you have to dig for that dumb missing top. Maybe this Mother's Day you need to upgrade your food storage containers. Carve out an hour or two and throw away everything that doesn't have a match or is just plain nasty. Go treat yourself to a glass set (BPA free and longer lasting) and keep only  a handful of plastic containers for dry foods. Turn your daily food storage cupboard glance into a happy dance.

closet makeover

4.) Get a closet makeover.

I don't mean go out and purchase a whole new summer wardrobe. Although if you want, be my guest. I mean grab a stylish friend to help you purge out the old and ill fitting duds lingering in your closet. Bonus points if you tackle your underwear drawer. (Your husbands can thank me later.) Donate the excess and take that same stylish friend with you to your favorite mall or consignment shop and pick up a few spring and summer basics that you feel amazing in! A closet refresh just might be just what you need to feel like the strong and confidant mom that you are.

green thumb

5.) Discover your green thumb.

I'm still looking for mine. If you've discovered your green thumb go to your favorite garden store and pick out your summer flower and plant varieties. Pack up your kids and bring them along to help you pick and carry out the flowers. When it comes to the actual planting, getting dirty is part of the plan which sounds like a much more realistic way to celebrate Mother's Day. Running errands and playing in dirt. Only someone like you can create beauty in the midst of it.

What'd your most special Mother's Day memory?

Happy Mother's Day!