Dear, All or Nothings

all or nothing

I know you.

If you can't have it all what's the point of having any? If you can't finish a project today, might as well wait until next year when you can "focus". You feel like you can solve world hunger and keep up with the Kardashians on your good day. On your bad day. let's just say you are better off staying in.

If full throttle epitomizes your personality we need to have a little chat.

I baked cookies once. Yes, they were the healthy kind. I forgot why I baked them in the first place which meant thankfully it wasn't for anything important because I ate them all. Okay, maybe I spared one or two for my cookie deprived family. Since my brain has only operated in all out or burn out for so much of my adult life - this was just another all out moment that would be followed by a long cookie-less string of days which is not typically hard for me.

How about the time when I had a book deadline and I woke up at 5am each morning and then worked late into the night, forsaking all other responsibilities in an effort to comply to a self imposed dead line? Or when I went through a kombucha phase and literally bought one every time I went out...wait, I'm in that stage right now. Crap!

Or how about when I go too long without spending time reading the Bible (or any meaningful reading for that matter) because I considered myself out of good graces. Might as well live life on the wild side for a few more days and keep bumpin'  Justin Bieber on my Pandora station instead of Hillsong Worship.

Yeah, sometimes I can be an awesome friend! Other times you may not hear from me for what seems like a year.

Consider this a love note from a recovering all or nothing.

Dear All or Nothing friend, there is another way.

The time lines you have swirling in your head? I would bet a latte over half of them are self imposed and no one else is breathing down your throat waiting for you to complete.

Your identity is not rooted in how much you can get done in the shortest amount of time.

You are actually awesome because you are the only you there ever was or ever will be.

That alone is enough. I know you have dreams. The road to your dream fulfilled is not linear. Pretend your dream's the equivalent of having to climb Everest. Twice. This will give you a better perspective perhaps of not only the time commitment but an excitement of how strong you get to become in the process.

You have permission to start one project because you wanted to and then put on hold in order to attend to something else like family, your home, work, your health, or your marriage. Even another project. *Gasp*

Turn your self limiting belief that life has to be all or nothing into an opportunity to have it all but in as much time as it takes.

The prophet Elijah in the Old Testament knew this well. He was dependent on God to supply everything even what he hate. No Whole Foods was in sight for this dude.

At first he was miraculously supplied with food from birds.

"The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook." 1 Kings 17:6

Then a bummer happened, the ravens got sick of being the "Bite Squad", and the stream dried up. 

"Some time later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land." 1 Kings 17:7

If all his eggs were in this basket he'd be out of luck - but he remained flexible.

“Go at once to Zarephath in the region of Sidon and stay there. I have directed a widow there to supply you with food.” 1 Kings 17:9b

Life changes. For all or nothing types this is extremely inconvenient because we like to finish what we started WHEN we started. Just like Elijah's life was fluid so is ours. There's no secret solution that will solve life's issues for good.

God's Provision doesn't change, but the source does.

We must remain malleable to do what we can when we can. When progress halts just remember, you're training to climb Mount Everest not a mole hill.

What self imposed deadline is hindering your best life right now? 

How can you practice switching gears in life with more ease?

Train in your lane,

Brooke (aka. recovering All or Nothing)