Eat Love

intuitive eating

It happened on a crisp cool spring walk.

The hope of summer tickled my toes to get out for a longer than usual walk with our Vizsla pup. My mind was the usual merry-go-round of thoughts, ideas, dreams, faith, and hidden fears. For what seemed like the thousandth time I brought up my hopes and dreams of Fit Mom's Guide's to God.

"God do what you want to do through this platform, use me to say what you want to say, and bring me the women you want to impact through my life."

It was somewhere during that prayer when I heard whispered in my heart "'eat love".

intuitive eating

Eat what?!

Eat love.

What do you mean, "eat love". That sounds weird and awkward.

Eat every bite of food in love. In total absence of fear. Let love nourish you.

So like, don't be obsessed by what I eat or do not eat? Like, there's a place of faith in Christ where I can harness temperance and self control where binging isn't ever a thought? If I eat 20 extra grams of fat it won't stick to my baby pooch and I don't actually have to lose any sleep over it?

Let love consume you from the inside out.

What you believe to be true will manifest. Eating in guilt and shame will manifest in poor health. Eating in love will result in peace and a whole body.

Oh. My. Goodness. So all these years I have been holding onto extra pounds or carrying guilt because I was afraid to eat, afraid of gaining weight, afraid of rejection?

I love you. You are wonderfully & perfectly formed. I want you to know the depth of my love for you that it roots out every fear. Let love be your motive of how you eat and why you eat.

That's the closest I can recount from the conversation I had with the Lord that day. The Almighty God calls me and calls you,

"Wonderfully formed. Perfectly formed."

Eat love.

This one phrase has captivated me and mined beautiful diamonds of revelation since.

Since that momentary but very real whisper encounter with Father God science has even edified this sentiment. There are only two states our body functions in: fight or flight, or rest and digest.

There is no in-between.

Both are important functions but chronically living in the fight or flight state which can be initiated by getting behind on your mortgage, losing sleep over wayward child, nagging a spouse about dirty socks or something as small as NEGATIVE emotions about your body.

Even if you never say it out loud.

The body cannot absorb nutrients correctly when stressed or manage a healthy weight for that matter. Subconsciously the body interprets stress as a threat and can hold onto pounds or sound the alarm for cravings that provide momentary pleasure but that are not actually helpful.

The hokey idea of "eating love" is scientifically sound.

Where are you at today? Have you been stuck in a chronic diet mentality because you hate your body or because you want to feel well?

Do you get nervous about your next meal, feel guilt about what you eat, restrict your food, feel anxious around food, feel ashamed to eat around others or binge eat?

Eating from love looks like enjoying your food, not worrying about when you next meal will come, eating when you are hungry, regularly enjoying a meal with others, gratitude, choosing foods you know will nourish your body.


It's a journey. This whole faith in Christ thing seeps into every area of life if we allow it. Eating love can look a lot like "intuitive eating" as some would call it. Acknowledging our hunger cues and taking a moment to think about what our body needs at that time to best nourish.

Eating to live verses living to eat.

It is a process...

I want to live in a place where I enjoy food as the gift God intended it to be rather than feeling ONE OUNC OF SHAME around the subject ever again.

Will you join me to "eat love"?

Eat in your lane,