5 Fit Travel Tips

Lutsen Resort North Shore,MN

Lutsen Resort North Shore,MN

1.) Bring walking shoes.

Save your high heels for a fancy dinner with your man. Whatever you do, choose comfort over style and if you have the option choose both!  Plan ahead of time you will discover the new hot spots by foot. Whether that means scouring every inch of an all inclusive resort, or discovering a new boutique in grandma's small downtown, walking is best. Walking makes it easier to find places we would miss driving everywhere.

Cam and I discovered the awsomeness of "staycations" since our first was born. We love staying at a hotel down town close to home. Less travel time, means more play time. We park our car for the weekend and walk everywhere. It's a great way to move and work up a good appetite for local eats and get way more steps in than usual.  

2.) Find a local grocery store.

Cook County Co Op Grand Marais,MN

Cook County Co Op Grand Marais,MN

If you're like me, you would rather spend money on fun things to do than blow lots of money on a meal that will be devoured in one sitting. Scoping out a local grocery or co-op before you arrive at your destination is a great way to pick up fresh produce (things that are hard to travel with) and save some serious dough. If possible choose to stay in rooms with a refrigerator or mini kitchen to keep fresh produce in. If you're staying with friends or family this part is easy!

Who doesn't love an excuse to browse the isle of Whole Foods or local co-ops for lots of "healthyish" foods and new nourishing concoctions? We usually plan on eating 2 meals with the groceries we pick up once we arrive and then buy a local treat (think local coffee shop or good ice cream joints!) and enjoying one meal out a day while traveling or on vacation. That way we feel in control of what we eat, energized because there's no hidden ingredients in foods we aren't preparing like restaurant food. Tuna or chicken salads, pre made salad mixes, energy bars, fresh fruits, pre-cut veggies, guacamole, chips, NUT BUTTER, hard boiled eggs, dark chocolate and stringed cheese are all great options and easy to prepare.

3.) Pack coconut oil.

This is my favorite healthy tip and travel "hack". The hype with coconut oil is real. It packs easily in jars, mason jars, or can be bought in individually wrapped portions. Coconut oil is great to keep in our bag to have out at restaurants to add to fresh streamed veggies (healthy fat) , added to your bulletproof coffee, used as makeup remover, facial cleanser, moisturizer, or a quick snack between meals added with a bit of honey and cinnamon and/or nut butters! Honey is at every gas station and coffee shop, and if you add to the nut butter you bought it's a yummy appetite suppressing and energizing treat. #winning 

The healthy fat comprised of coconut oil provides a quick source of energy and allows your body to use fat as fuel. Add to the kid's breakfast oatmeal at continental breakfasts and their breakfast will stick longer. It will also help in balancing their moods. However, vacation mode can illicit lots of excitement so this benefit holds no guarantee!

4.) Relax.



I know, Rest is synonymous with "vacation", however, it deserves a spot in our top five healthy travel tips and here's why. In order to build strength, get mental clarity, or grow in spiritual maturity we must practice this habit of rest. If you have little ones, I realize vacation can also feel more exausting than normal routine! It's more about a posture of rest and REcreation than it is about taking a nap. Although if you get a chance take the nap! Please do it. If nothing else, for all the sleep deprived mothers out there.

Recreation is a time to re-create and rediscover what fires us up and brings us joy

It may mean lowering your expectation of all you plan to do on vacation or your travel. Plan in lots of margin and for things not to pan out like you envision. Pass over perfection like roadkill and keep your eyes peeled for unexpected adventure. On a recent trip to Minnesota's North Shore, we didn't have much of an agenda to begin with. We stumbled upon this little local winery half way up Lutsen mountain. We were the only patrons visiting and got the grand behind the scenes tour! It turned out to be one of our trip highlights and we could have never planned for it. By the way, our toddler played along and enjoyed tasting their "juice". ;)

The last useful piece of information of staying in a posture of "rest" is that you will tend to make better food decisions and enjoy the splurges you end up eating anyways. Eating out of a place of stress doesn't help anyone. Rest and digest. Re create and rediscover what brings you joy so you can do more of it when you return home!

5.) Focus on strength.

Lutsen Resort, MN

Lutsen Resort, MN

Aside from taking opportunities to workout at pools, walking trails and gyms that present themselves where you stay focus your time on strength training especially if your time is short. You can get more bang for your buck in a shorter amount of time from strength training, than spending 45 minutes on a treadmill. Big movements like squats, planks, push ups activate more muscles and therefore can burn more calories than cardio alone.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and do rounds of push ups, walking lunges, planks, and squat jumps for 30 seconds each. I promise a full body burn, metabolism boost and some serious mental clarity for the day! Our resort had this beautiful pool overlooking Lake Superior which Haven and I had a lot of fun in. I spent 30 minutes one early morning "water jogging". Literally running just like I would on pavement in a pool. This is one of my favorite low impact exercises to do when I find a deep enough pool. (My feet don't touch the bottom when I do this.)

I want to hear your favorite top 5 fit travel tip, or one of yours that I didn't mention.

Train in your lane,