How to Destroy Discourgement

Destroy Discourgement

Spring, is a time to come out of hibernation. A time to put away yoga pants and sweaters. A time to clear out clutter accumulated in previous gloomy months. To start fresh. A time to trade all things cozy for longer, lighter, & warmer days, brilliant color, and renewed vigor for adventure.

Arrival of Spring can also be deceptive! The snow melts away, birds return with familiar song. Spurts of warm weather invigorate our senses along with our hope. Just as I begin to accept this new reality, a blizzard strikes! My car wash, now in vain with it getting hammered with salt and dirty snow yet again. As much as Spring brings about hope, Spring can bring about doubt.

As devastating as an unexpected blizzard can be, even more excruciating is a deception that can come following Salvation and new identity in Christ. The moment a person believes & confesses Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, and commits their life to Him - the OLD US leaves, and the NEW US appears. Unlike Spring, reality of new life in Christ appears in a split second, engraved in eternity forever. All of Heaven is witness to a new believer entering their new destiny, new identity, & new inheritance in Christ.

"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Then where does the doubt, the deception come into play? Just like a Spring blizzard may come suddenly, so can whispers reminding us of the failures of our past. Consequences from past sin still seem to muddy our newly purified hearts. Deception lures us into thinking that new life we (emotionally) experienced - was a giant ploy. Screaming to our hearts, "For you Mr./Mrs._________, it's WINTER FOREVER!". Hope fades away.

Transition to Spring is a reminder to focus on the greater reality of my salvation & hope in Christ. Though the weather may deceive me into making me wash the car, put away winter wardrobes, clean & purge every square inch of the house. Only to  immediately be  followed by a nasty cold streak and blizzard... My righteousness in Christ was sealed the moment I said, "Yes" to Him. Taunting voices of the past are shadows without real substance. Although the accusation were true of the "old life", they hold NO POWER over this "new life" that has begun.

Hope remains steadfast. Accusations become an OPPORTUNITY to declare the REALITY of my new life hidden in Christ. Each demonic "whisper", a launching pad to greater intimacy with my Savior and a greater anointing of the Holy Sprint to bring Life everywhere I set foot.

Despite the weather forecast this Spring, I delight in knowing the reality of Salvation's "Spring" in my heart remains true.

Always Inspired,