5 Benefits of Foam Rolling

foam roller
foam roller

In my perfect world, I would have a full body massage scheduled every week like clock-work, right after my mani/pedi. Especially after intense work out days for active recovery. The truth of the matter, neither time or money will allow this.

Enter F O A M RO L L I N G. Benefits of professional massage without the time or price tag. Can I get loud "amen"? We picked up a satisfactory foam roller here on Amazon. 

So what's the big deal with foam rolling?

1.) Increased blood flow

2.) Better body movement and range of motion

3.) Faster work out recovery

4.) Lengthening of muscle tissue

5.) Reduces pain

I'm finally starting to value appropriate recovery and warm up methods into my work out routine, instead of blasting through long workouts, sweating, hitting the shower, and continuing on my day, I incorporate it as a vital component. Working out harder and longer WITHOUT incorporating proper recovery is far more counterproductive than you may think. You can foam roll before/after you work out or both. It's even helpful to do on days that you don't work out while you watch TV, or when you're winding down for the day.

This video is a really helpful place to start in your foam rolling venture. Breath deep, try not to say bad words, and feel the burn!