Upper Body Strength Workout

upper body workout

This is a full body workout with a emphasis on upper body strength! This can be done with resistance bands, free weights or small children. Ok, it may be difficult to complete with a small child. The point is you can knock this simple workout anywhere.


Start by doing 10 reps of push-ups, 10 bicep curls, 10 tricep dips and 10 shoulder presses. Next you will complete 14 reps of the same sequence, push-ups, bicep cursl, tricep dips, shoulder presses. You will continue up the pyramid with the peak rep count of 22, then repeat down the pyramid. Your last set of reps will be sets of 10.

Advanced Version

Set aside 4 different weights or resistance bands. Start with the heaviest band for the set of 10, the next heaviest for the set of 14, until your lightest weight is used for the set of 22. Continue down the pyramid with the heavier weights for the lower reps. The goal is to be able to finish 80-90% of each rep. Meaning the set of 10, if you are using the correct heavy weight you should either barley be able to complete 10 reps or make it to 7-8 reps. This will be a huge strength builder and fat burner!

Did you make it through the pyramid? Was it challenging or a breeze? Don't forget to share with your workout fitsters.